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A Magnificent Gift

4 Dec

What a magnificent gift

Is the ability to write.

To share with others

Our wit, knowledge, and insight.

Inspiration flowing

Onto the page,

From the mind and heart,

Its impact we cannot gauge.

Some will be positive, and

Some will disagree.

Though the negatives be discouraging,

From your art do not flee.

Of poets, novelists,

And bloggers,I know,

Critics quick to cut us down,

But go on, we must, with the show.

A magnificent gift

Bestowed by the Divine,

We share with the world

On pages and online.


What’s The Rush

14 Jun

Day blurs into night,
Work into sleep,
Monday becomes Friday,
January flies to December,
All the while we are
Running children,
Or ourselves,
From place to place,
A seemingly unending
Routine without a
Moment to stop and
Think, witness the
Beauty of nature,
Relax and find
That inner peace,
And answer the
Question we are all
Thinking about,
What’s the rush?


7 Apr

You call me a heretic,
Using magic you think is profane,
But I use it to create positive change
In my life, after first trying the mundane

You call me a freak,
Then our conversation is done,
The Divine’s love is unconditional
And your religious path isn’t the only one

You say your book holds the only Truth,
I shake my head and at you stare,
Truth is a universal concept and Jesus
Christ is not the only messenger

Our world is but a school,
One we must all share,
Let’s try to be positive,
Not judge, and show each other we care

Do Not Mock Lightly Sir Dylan Thomas

23 Mar

Do not mock lightly Sir Dylan Thomas,          
Though you may think he may not hurt a fly,    
To no good end, will it come, I promise.      

Gentle sir, let not your comments be crass,    
Though of true belief on the by and by,        
Do not mock lightly Sir Dylan Thomas.          

If satirical thought you make alas,            
My head I will hang low as I do sigh,
To no good end, will it come, I promise.       

Of his brilliance you continue to razz,
Show no surprise when he gives his reply,      
Do not mock lightly Sir Dylan Thomas.          

I implore you, my friend, to show some class,  
Should his left and right raise from you a cry,
To no good end, will it come, I promise.       

On the day I attend your Hallowmas,
From wounds delivered by Him, you did die,
Do not mock lightly Sir Dylan Thomas,          
To no good end, will it come, I promise.

Trying Out Poetry Forms

23 Mar

I have decided to try out some poetry forms. Though I am a renegade poetry writer, I believe only good can come from having fun with these standards of the poetry craft. I hope you will enjoy my attempts, I know I will.

I May Never Know

18 Mar

I may never know
how many people
I touch with my words

Whether my words cause
them to laugh or cry
Or make them think, wonder

If my words inspire
Others to aspire
to their very best
Or opens minds to
new possibilities
I may never know

But by my writing
I know I have done
My Divine purpose

Awaken Dreamer

16 Mar

Awaken dreamer   
And begin to live
The life you were
Meant to live    

Awaken dreamer,    
Look within to find
that person you    
truly are          

Awaken dreamer         
And walk your own path 
Leaving behind         
Your sorrows           

Awaken dreamer         
And rejoice for love   
from the Divine        
And your friends       

Awaken dreamer         
For the time of dreams 
Is done, it is         
Time to live