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Just Wait

30 Jan
Temperature bouncing
Up and down,
Makes me want
To sigh and frown.

Sunny then cloudy,
Snow then rain.
Just wait, in Indiana,
And it will change again.

Warm and calm, thinking
It will last leaves you chagrined.
Because soon it turns cold
With a blustery wind.

Oh Mother Nature,
The games you play on our state.
For whether we like the weather 
Or not, You'll change it, if we just wait.

The Storm

25 May

Sun shines lighting
Up the house,
Distant thunder rumbles
As dark clouds move
Across the sky.
Wind blows tree
Limbs back and forth,
Inside seems like the
Day has become night,
Thunder rolls like a
Bowling ball hitting
Nine pins and lightning
Flashes across the sky.
Then it begins to rain,
Torrential rain pounding
down upon the ground,
Ground that has had its
Thirst quenched long before
Now. The rain slows,
The thunder moves on,
The storm is over for now
Though clouds still linger.