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Walking With The Goddess

19 Aug

She smiled at me, asked me
How I was doing as we walked
Amongst the trees along the
Forest path.

I took a deep breath, told her
I had my up and down days,
Doubtful times when I pray to
Her and her Consort.

She hugs me, we continue
To walk and leave the woods
Behind, through fields of flowers
And I continue to talk.

I’m finding new friends, some
From my past and some new,
And they are accepting me as
Me, who knew.

She laughs gently under the
Starry sky, says to me, “I knew.”
Your path is long, and stumble you
Will, but I am here for you.

My heart filled with joy,
As we said our farewells in
The Summerlands where I
Walk with the Goddess.



22 May

They said it was coming,
They said they knew when,
They advertised it on billboards,
But cancelled it in the end.

So we are Raptureless,
The Christians are still here,
The date passed us by,
But the reasons are very clear.

They still have lessons to learn,
From that holy book of theirs,
Spend more time fixing themselves,
And stop with the tribulation scares.

Treating others as they wish
To be treated would be nice,
Tolerance, acceptance,
And respect would be good advice.

And if the Rapture eventually
Happens, save the date,
As the day the Divine took those
Of all religions whom did not hate.

Freedom Of Religion

14 May

I pledged allegiance
To my country’s flag,
A symbol of hope and
Unity like our constitution.
Our constitution we
Rely on for assurance
That we all have
Freedom of religion.
As a Christian,
I accepted that freedom.
Then as an Agnostic,
I put my hopes in that freedom.
Now as a Wiccan,
I hold a deep conviction
With that freedom.
Freedom to feel a
Connection with You,
My God and Goddess,
Without dogma.
Freedom to associate
With others whom use
The same guiding principles,
Tenets of Wicca, but do
Not profess their way as the
Only way to You. For we
Each walk a path of
Our own making, similar
Or different to others’ paths,
While climbing the same
Mountain to connect
With the Divine.

The Broom Flyers’ Union

9 Apr

I am a member of the Broom Flyers’ Union,
I say this smiling and proud,
But I say this not just to anyone,
And no card I carry for it is not allowed

‘Harm none, do what you will’,
That is our creed,
Helping others my heart with
Love does fill, when asked to intercede

To educate
Is a goal of a Wiccan,
Myth and truth we do separate,
So centuries of untruths are undone

Others’ spiritual paths we tolerate,
And we ask the same in kind,
We work against prejudice and hate,
Which come from the uneducated mind

I am a member of the Broom Flyers’ Union,
I say this to you,
And hopefully when I am done,
A new friendship I’ll accrue


7 Apr

You call me a heretic,
Using magic you think is profane,
But I use it to create positive change
In my life, after first trying the mundane

You call me a freak,
Then our conversation is done,
The Divine’s love is unconditional
And your religious path isn’t the only one

You say your book holds the only Truth,
I shake my head and at you stare,
Truth is a universal concept and Jesus
Christ is not the only messenger

Our world is but a school,
One we must all share,
Let’s try to be positive,
Not judge, and show each other we care

In The Broom Closet

22 Mar

In the broom closet
Is where I hide,
Afraid of what others may
Think about what I feel inside

Peeking through the slats
Of the door I see,
So many other broom closets
With people hiding, just like me

Some are open just a little,
To my dismay,
Some families accept them
But others turn away

Some are open even further,
With the same results,
I’d expect this behavior from children
But not adults

Glancing out more
I see with pride,
Some stand without, the broom
Closet door thrown open wide

Some day soon, I hope it may be,
That none of us need to hide
In the broom closets, but 
Stand proud, accepted and free

End Of (My) Days

12 Mar

They say the end is near,
Doing their best to instill fear,
Preaching their beliefs
And trying to convert others.

They look at natural events,
See them as portents,
Pull out their holy books
And point at prophecies.

They look at the fighting goin on,
Say we’re getting close to Armageddon,
But when you talk that way, you see,
You are setting up self-fulfilling prophecy.

So leave me in peace I ask,
Shouldn’t be that hard a task,
And I’ll follow my Pagan ways
To the end of (my) days.