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The Happy Place

12 Feb

She took me to her happy place

Where the creek does flow,

And told me of her childhood

As if it were yesterday,

Though it was long ago.


The air was chilled, a stillness hung

Over us as we stood hand in hand.

Peacefulness and restlessness

Raged within me as the connection

We had I tried to understand.


Over the bridge she led

Me to a walking trail.

Through prairie meadow

And trees we walked in step

As she continued to tell her tale.


And as we were walking back, mundane

Life interrupted us, stole her happiness away.

I stroked her face and wiped away her tears,

Looked into her eyes, and promised

To make it a happy place again someday.


Just Wait

30 Jan
Temperature bouncing
Up and down,
Makes me want
To sigh and frown.

Sunny then cloudy,
Snow then rain.
Just wait, in Indiana,
And it will change again.

Warm and calm, thinking
It will last leaves you chagrined.
Because soon it turns cold
With a blustery wind.

Oh Mother Nature,
The games you play on our state.
For whether we like the weather 
Or not, You'll change it, if we just wait.

The Winter King

22 Dec
Far North he lives
Where the Artic wind blows
In a castle of ice
Hidden by the blowing snow

His skin 
Polished alabaster
His hair and beard
White silken strands

His teeth
Polished as pearls
His eyes 
The blue of a clear winter sky

His face
is long and angular
Tall in body
And long in finger

Alone is he
But not lonely
Friends from the sea
And the tundra has he only

With his magic
Snow he sends
Blizzards that can be tragic
Or just heavy enough 
For snowball fights between friends

For a single season each year
The world he rules with just cause
For world peace for at least a day
Some even call him Santa Claus

What’s The Rush

14 Jun

Day blurs into night,
Work into sleep,
Monday becomes Friday,
January flies to December,
All the while we are
Running children,
Or ourselves,
From place to place,
A seemingly unending
Routine without a
Moment to stop and
Think, witness the
Beauty of nature,
Relax and find
That inner peace,
And answer the
Question we are all
Thinking about,
What’s the rush?

The Land Remembers

28 May

The land remembers,
A time when the city
In which I live,
Did not exist

The land remembers,
The trees of the forests,
And the grassy plains,
The trading at Fort Ouiatenon

The land remembers,
Those whom respected her,
And lived within the
Cycles of nature

The land remembers,
The blood spilt in the Battle
Of Tippecanoe, between its
Respectors and Disrespectors

The land remembers,
And the spirits of
The land inhabit my city,
I feel them in the quiet night

The land remembers,
A debt owed to it,
Respect must be paid,
To vaettir and city’s spirit

Thank you Lafayette,
For being a part of me,
Your parks I visit humbly,
Because the land remembers

The Storm

25 May

Sun shines lighting
Up the house,
Distant thunder rumbles
As dark clouds move
Across the sky.
Wind blows tree
Limbs back and forth,
Inside seems like the
Day has become night,
Thunder rolls like a
Bowling ball hitting
Nine pins and lightning
Flashes across the sky.
Then it begins to rain,
Torrential rain pounding
down upon the ground,
Ground that has had its
Thirst quenched long before
Now. The rain slows,
The thunder moves on,
The storm is over for now
Though clouds still linger.

Riding A Thermal

6 May

Blue sky above,
Black asphalt below,
In between a hawk flies
Wings spread, circling
Round and round
Riding a thermal,
And standing I watch,
A peacefulness settling
Over me as I smile
Wishing I too were
Free to fly and
Ride a thermal