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10 Feb

A kiss on your knuckles

To show you I’m a gentleman,

A kiss on your inner wrist,

With a look up to your eyes,

The seduction begins.

A kiss on the inside

Of your elbow,

A kiss on your lips,

Tongues touching,

Nice and slow.

A kiss on your ear lobe

As I walk behind you,

A kiss on your neck

As I stare down your dress

And enjoy the view.

A kiss on each shoulder,

As your dress straps fall.

Many kisses down

Your spine as you prepare to bare all.

Kisses from ankle to thigh

As you lie on your back.

I smile my wicked grin

As I move to the other leg

To continue my erotic attack.

A kiss upon your bare secret

Garden as I stare into your eyes.

Spreading your nether lips,

More kisses given before my tongue

Goes to work to draw out your sighs.

Slowly my kisses move upward,

Across your stomach to your breasts.

I stare up you hungrily,

Resisting the desire to hurry

As my resolve is put to the test.

My tongue swirls around each nipple,

Before I suck them into peaks high and tight.

Fondling your breasts in my hands,

I kiss them, stare up into your eyes,

And mark you as mine with small bites.

Onward and upward,

My kisses continue.

Up your chest to your neck,

Suck on your ear, kiss your cheek,

Until my kisses reach your lips

As I enter you.

Kisses slow and demanding

As we move as one.

Tongues touch and move away,

A sense of urgency takes over, the dam

Burst, we relax, smile,

Touch, complete and done.