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Chaotic Looking For Focus

13 Nov

Thoughts and images
Streaming through my
Mind, Going from
Tangent to tangent,
Blind leading the blind,
No one can help me
To navigate this morass,
I’m a renegade poet
And you can kiss my ass.
Spiritual,sexual, politically
Incorrect, looking at
My life in disconnect,
Caffeinated and primed,
Beyond normal hocus pocus,
I am what I am,
Chaotic looking for focus.


What’s The Rush

14 Jun

Day blurs into night,
Work into sleep,
Monday becomes Friday,
January flies to December,
All the while we are
Running children,
Or ourselves,
From place to place,
A seemingly unending
Routine without a
Moment to stop and
Think, witness the
Beauty of nature,
Relax and find
That inner peace,
And answer the
Question we are all
Thinking about,
What’s the rush?

The Temples

30 May

Golden candles burn brightly in the Sun temple,
Silver candles glow in the Moon temple,
Incense smoke scents the Air temple,
A stream flows into a pool in the Water temple,
Trees and bushes grow as the Earth temple,
The eternal flame burns in the Fire temple,
And I carry within me the Spirit temple.

I light a golden candle in the Sun temple,
I light a silver candle in the Moon temple,
Incense I inhale in the Air temple,
I cleanse myself in the pool of the Water temple,
I touch, hug and thank the trees and bushes of the Earth temple,
I stare into the eternal flame of the Fire temple,
And meditating I go within myself to the Spirit temple.

Raindrops In A Bucket

27 May

Raindrops in a bucket,
That’s what our lives are,
Making a splash,
We create ripples
Interacting with others,
And then we fade away

Stones tossed in a pond,
That is what we are to some,
Making a huge splash,
Our ripples affecting
Family and friends in
A profound way

When the ripples disappear,
The changes made by us
Still remain, in our
Hearts and souls, we
Remember the raindrops,
The stones each day

The Temple

19 May

I walk up the temple steps
Towards two aged oaken doors.
Pushing with all my strength,
The hinges creak their protest
As the doors slowly open. 

I walk across the stone floor leaving
Foot prints in the dirt that has lain
Undisturbed for years, looking to my left I see
An angry child painting on the walls
Angry, hateful words learned, and graffitti.

I walk past towering pillars
Of smooth white stone
Darkened by neglect.
In a corner of the temple cries
An insecure child with dark green eyes.

I continue to stir the dirt on the floor
Moving towards the dust covered altar
Where sits a man and a woman,
Back to back with arms crossed,
Not looking or speaking to each other.

What is this place I ask and my words
Echo through the silence. You comes
An echoing reply. I turn to see children,
Male and female of all ages,
Coming out of hiding.

This place is you, one says
And another speaks, and you are it,
And you are us, and we are you, Goo goo ga joob
I reply without thinking, bringing smiles
To all their faces, even of the angry child.

Then I must accept you all, and that
Will take time. I will need the guiding words
Of you, Akrinalithaea, I say to
The woman sitting in front of the altar
And help her to her feet.

And you, Akrinaden, listening to the wisdom
Of your sister must spur me to action,
I say to the man with haunted eyes
Whom had his back to his sister in front
Of the altar, and I help him to his feet.

A year and a day will be a good start,
To scrub clean this temple
And repair the neglect of the years gone by.
And with the guidance and acceptance
Of all of you who are me, The temple will
Be open to the God and Goddess for ever more.

Riding A Thermal

6 May

Blue sky above,
Black asphalt below,
In between a hawk flies
Wings spread, circling
Round and round
Riding a thermal,
And standing I watch,
A peacefulness settling
Over me as I smile
Wishing I too were
Free to fly and
Ride a thermal

I Should Be Tempted To Forget

26 Mar
I should be tempted to forget,
All the wrongs I've done to others,
And to myself, through the years of regret,
Anger, hurt, and tears.

But forgetfullness does not come,
Though lessons I have learned.
My heart aches to be numb,
I should be tempted to forget.