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Posting Two Versions Of A Poem

10 Jul

Monday, 11 July 2011, I will be posting version one of “A Mother’s Song”. On Tuesday, 12 July 2011, I will post version two of “A Mother’s Song”. Version one was written for a friend I have lost track of whom was dealing with a lot of pain at the time I wrote the poem for her and her daughter. Version two was a revised version in memoriam of my mother whom passed away in 2008. Comments on and rating the two versions would be appreciated.


The Temple

19 May

I walk up the temple steps
Towards two aged oaken doors.
Pushing with all my strength,
The hinges creak their protest
As the doors slowly open. 

I walk across the stone floor leaving
Foot prints in the dirt that has lain
Undisturbed for years, looking to my left I see
An angry child painting on the walls
Angry, hateful words learned, and graffitti.

I walk past towering pillars
Of smooth white stone
Darkened by neglect.
In a corner of the temple cries
An insecure child with dark green eyes.

I continue to stir the dirt on the floor
Moving towards the dust covered altar
Where sits a man and a woman,
Back to back with arms crossed,
Not looking or speaking to each other.

What is this place I ask and my words
Echo through the silence. You comes
An echoing reply. I turn to see children,
Male and female of all ages,
Coming out of hiding.

This place is you, one says
And another speaks, and you are it,
And you are us, and we are you, Goo goo ga joob
I reply without thinking, bringing smiles
To all their faces, even of the angry child.

Then I must accept you all, and that
Will take time. I will need the guiding words
Of you, Akrinalithaea, I say to
The woman sitting in front of the altar
And help her to her feet.

And you, Akrinaden, listening to the wisdom
Of your sister must spur me to action,
I say to the man with haunted eyes
Whom had his back to his sister in front
Of the altar, and I help him to his feet.

A year and a day will be a good start,
To scrub clean this temple
And repair the neglect of the years gone by.
And with the guidance and acceptance
Of all of you who are me, The temple will
Be open to the God and Goddess for ever more.

Dear Mom

4 May

Dear Mom,
I’ve missed you
Since you’ve been gone.

You gave birth to me
And my two brothers,
Urged us to be free.

You taught us manners,
And to be open minded,
Tried to make us planners.

Through good times and bad,
You were there for us,
When we were happy or sad.

Of good memories I’ll hold, if I may,
And wish you in your Heaven
A very happy birthday.

The Candle Garden

27 Apr

A candle cleansed,
Dressed and blessed,
I walk to the altar
To plant another candle
In the candle garden.

Lighting the wick
To send positive energy
Towards its chosen task.
Done in perfect love,
And perfect trust
Is all She ask.

Flames dance
On the candle wicks,
Left and right,
Back and forth,
Up and down.

A bright blue candle for protection,
A light blue candle for peace,
A dark blue candle for justice,
A green candle for healing,
So many colored candles
Each with its own purpose.

A candle for my wife,
A candle for each of my children,
A candle for each of our parents,
A candle for our extended family,
And a candle for those who’ve passed. 

A candle for Tunisia,
A candle for Yemen,
A candle for Egypt,
A candle for Libya,
A candle for Syria,
And a candle for the protestors seeking freedom.

A candle for Israel,
A candle for Palestine,
A candle for Iraq,
A candle for Afghanistan,
And a candle for our troops.

A candle for the Americas,
A candle for Europe,
A candle for Asia,
A candle for Africa,
A candle for Australia,
And a candle for the polar regions.

A candle for earth,
A candle for air,
A candle for fire,
A candle for water,
And a candle for all pagans. 

A labor of love
Is this candle garden,
Yet with sorrow,
Not joy do I watch it grow,
Sending out positive energies
To combat the negatives of the world.

And I think to myself,
How many more candles
Must I plant
In the candle garden?

In The Garden

13 Mar

In the garden my brothers, sisters and I planted,
In the garden where we play,
In the garden where we laugh and pray,
In the garden there a memorial stands,
In the garden a memorial to Wiccans,
In the garden a memorial for those whom have gone to the Summerlands,
In the garden where you stood by my side,
In the garden I break down and cry,
In the garden, in front of the memorial, I say my goodbyes.

Bitter Apples

8 Mar

I went to the barrel
And reached down in,
To pull out an apple
To liven my grin

But the apple was bitter,
Turning my grin to a frown,
And this bitterness I shared
with everyone I met in town

Soon the bitterness flowed
Across rivers and seas,
Causing strife and discord
Spreading like a disease

Almost too late
I realized what I’d done,
By sharing my bitterness
I clouded the sun

But clouds having silver linings,
This is how we learn,
By taking responsibility
For our actions, wisdom we earn

So I reached into the barrel,
For an apple so sweet,
From this day forward with lightness
And smile people I will greet

Broken Masks

2 Mar

Broken masks,
Lie on the ground,
Scattered at my feet.

Shattered visages
To please other people,
I did try to be.

Why all these faces
Did I wear
If none made me happy?

I kneel to piece
Together the puzzle,
The mask that is truly me.