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The Happy Place

12 Feb

She took me to her happy place

Where the creek does flow,

And told me of her childhood

As if it were yesterday,

Though it was long ago.


The air was chilled, a stillness hung

Over us as we stood hand in hand.

Peacefulness and restlessness

Raged within me as the connection

We had I tried to understand.


Over the bridge she led

Me to a walking trail.

Through prairie meadow

And trees we walked in step

As she continued to tell her tale.


And as we were walking back, mundane

Life interrupted us, stole her happiness away.

I stroked her face and wiped away her tears,

Looked into her eyes, and promised

To make it a happy place again someday.


Walking With The Goddess

19 Aug

She smiled at me, asked me
How I was doing as we walked
Amongst the trees along the
Forest path.

I took a deep breath, told her
I had my up and down days,
Doubtful times when I pray to
Her and her Consort.

She hugs me, we continue
To walk and leave the woods
Behind, through fields of flowers
And I continue to talk.

I’m finding new friends, some
From my past and some new,
And they are accepting me as
Me, who knew.

She laughs gently under the
Starry sky, says to me, “I knew.”
Your path is long, and stumble you
Will, but I am here for you.

My heart filled with joy,
As we said our farewells in
The Summerlands where I
Walk with the Goddess.

A Beautiful Woman

1 Aug

I saw today
A beautiful woman.
Her long brown hair
Framed her face perfectly,
Her make up was done up right,
And when she talked,
She gestured with a confidence
Of someone comfortable with life
And the world.

We went outside and began
To talk of days gone by.
As we talked, she pulled
Out a cigarette to smoke;
A deep sadness filled me,
And about the cigarette
I asked her why. It relieves
The stress of my my hectic
life, helps me forget the strife.

I saw today
A beautiful woman.
Her long brown hair brushed
To frame her face perfectly,
The funeral director had done
Her make up just right,
The cancer took her from us,
And tears rolled from my eyes,
As I said to her my last goodbyes.

Bite Me

12 May

The words said
In anger during
An argument, not
Meant to be taken
literally. She
Flies at me,
Pins me to the
Wall, her eyes
Gone completely
Black. Vampire
Pheromones fill
The air around
Me, stirring
Desire within as
She ask if I
Really want her,
Or am I teasing
Her again. I
Struggle against
Sexual feelings,
For I am not made
That way. In a
Blink of an eye
She is gone,
Leaving me weak
In the knees,
My hand on the
Vampire scar on
My neck, giddy
I giggle, make
Bunny ears with
My fingers,
Kiss kiss. v–v

In The Garden

13 Mar

In the garden my brothers, sisters and I planted,
In the garden where we play,
In the garden where we laugh and pray,
In the garden there a memorial stands,
In the garden a memorial to Wiccans,
In the garden a memorial for those whom have gone to the Summerlands,
In the garden where you stood by my side,
In the garden I break down and cry,
In the garden, in front of the memorial, I say my goodbyes.

Fifty-Two Cents

10 Mar

On the ground
I found fifty-two cents.
I picked it up,
It must have been heaven-sent.
Thanks given to my mother from Brooklyn,
Whom tried to teach me
to be open minded and use common sense.

Fifty-two cents worth
She gave me, two cents never enough.
She discussed with me
Life, religion, and love.
From her I learned
to follow my own path,
and what it means to trust.

My best friend’s Nana from Brooklyn
Gave her fifty-two cents.
Fifty-two cents worth
She was given through witty comments
On men, sexuality, love,
Living, and the mind, all well-meant.

Sexuality without sensuality
isn’t worth two cents.
Nor sensuality without the mind,
Her Nana explained with confidence.
Mind without the spirit is worthless, and spirit
Worthless unless you choose to live, love,
Explore, and learn, this wisdom she did dispense.

Oh these ladies from Brooklyn
Whom gave us fifty-two cents.
Tried to give us wisdom,
Knowledge and self-confidence.
But we had to follow our
Own paths, bumpy as they might be,
And suffer through life’s bad events.

Fifty-two cents
I found, its meaning now clear.
Fifty-two cents
Of wisdom my best friend
received from her Nana dear.
We live and love, explore and learn,
And try to move on with our lives without fear.

Bitter Apples

8 Mar

I went to the barrel
And reached down in,
To pull out an apple
To liven my grin

But the apple was bitter,
Turning my grin to a frown,
And this bitterness I shared
with everyone I met in town

Soon the bitterness flowed
Across rivers and seas,
Causing strife and discord
Spreading like a disease

Almost too late
I realized what I’d done,
By sharing my bitterness
I clouded the sun

But clouds having silver linings,
This is how we learn,
By taking responsibility
For our actions, wisdom we earn

So I reached into the barrel,
For an apple so sweet,
From this day forward with lightness
And smile people I will greet