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A Mother’s Song (version 2)

12 Jul
Dear Lord,
Have mercy on me.
My body is failing,
Can't you see?

I'm in pain,
Confused and scared.
My husband and sons,
And friends who cared,
Aren't ready to let go of me.
But the pain meds,
They don't work as well,
Why must this be?

I don't know what to do,
From the pain I want to be free.
But what of my loved ones?
How will they go on without me?

Though my health is going,
My body failing,
My heart is full,
My spirit is soaring.

My husband,
And my sons,
Though my body will be gone,
With you always I'll be,
No matter where you are.

Over you I'll be watching,
Your guardian spirit,
Residing forever in your heart,
My voice a mother's song,
Do you hear it?

Posting Two Versions Of A Poem

10 Jul

Monday, 11 July 2011, I will be posting version one of “A Mother’s Song”. On Tuesday, 12 July 2011, I will post version two of “A Mother’s Song”. Version one was written for a friend I have lost track of whom was dealing with a lot of pain at the time I wrote the poem for her and her daughter. Version two was a revised version in memoriam of my mother whom passed away in 2008. Comments onĀ and rating the two versions would be appreciated.

The Last Sigh

5 Jul
We came together
Years ago,
Made a life with
You as my wife,
And children we
Did have. But 
Time has shown
How little we 
Have known, about
Each other, compromise,
Acceptance of differences,
And now this is
The last sigh,
Before I say goodbye.
I've ranted and
Raged, cried, and
Denied the truth.
Now I know, 
Our paths have
Diverged, love is
Lost, and we may
Never know the final
Cost, I pack myself away,
Walk towards the door
With a tear in my eye,
Give one last shaking sigh,
Before I tell you goodbye.
A friend, you will always
Be to me, at least I hope,
And our children, our family,
We will learn to cope,
With time the hurt 
Will subside, acceptance
Of how far apart 
We had become, 
We will let it go
With the last sigh.

Blessed Mothers

8 May

From them we are born,
The best nurture
And care for us as infants.
Sing to us, oh mothers,
Smile and talk to us,
Watch us learn to crawl,
Take our first steps,
And hear our first word,
Dress us in the morning,
Send us off to school
With a kiss,
Heal us when we’re sick
Or scraped our knees,
Laugh when we say,
“Pretty please!”
Advise us on the important
Topics: dating, sex, love,
And heartbreak.
Keeping photographs
Of our life milestones:
Birth, crawling, walking,
Riding a bike,
Our first dates,
And birth of grandchildren.
A mother’s love is
Even though from this
World they may have passed.
Oh mothers,
You blessed us
With life,
With your love,
And may we return
That love a thousand fold,
Blessed mothers.

Dear Mom

4 May

Dear Mom,
I’ve missed you
Since you’ve been gone.

You gave birth to me
And my two brothers,
Urged us to be free.

You taught us manners,
And to be open minded,
Tried to make us planners.

Through good times and bad,
You were there for us,
When we were happy or sad.

Of good memories I’ll hold, if I may,
And wish you in your Heaven
A very happy birthday.

In The Blink Of An Eye

1 Apr
In the blink of an eye
You grew up on me
It seems as only yesterday
You were my little baby

In the blink of an eye
You reached puberty
Growing up so fast
A little too fast for me

In the blink of an eye
You became an adult ready to marry
And someday in a blink
You'll give me a grand baby

In The Garden

13 Mar

In the garden my brothers, sisters and I planted,
In the garden where we play,
In the garden where we laugh and pray,
In the garden there a memorial stands,
In the garden a memorial to Wiccans,
In the garden a memorial for those whom have gone to the Summerlands,
In the garden where you stood by my side,
In the garden I break down and cry,
In the garden, in front of the memorial, I say my goodbyes.