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10 Feb

A kiss on your knuckles

To show you I’m a gentleman,

A kiss on your inner wrist,

With a look up to your eyes,

The seduction begins.

A kiss on the inside

Of your elbow,

A kiss on your lips,

Tongues touching,

Nice and slow.

A kiss on your ear lobe

As I walk behind you,

A kiss on your neck

As I stare down your dress

And enjoy the view.

A kiss on each shoulder,

As your dress straps fall.

Many kisses down

Your spine as you prepare to bare all.

Kisses from ankle to thigh

As you lie on your back.

I smile my wicked grin

As I move to the other leg

To continue my erotic attack.

A kiss upon your bare secret

Garden as I stare into your eyes.

Spreading your nether lips,

More kisses given before my tongue

Goes to work to draw out your sighs.

Slowly my kisses move upward,

Across your stomach to your breasts.

I stare up you hungrily,

Resisting the desire to hurry

As my resolve is put to the test.

My tongue swirls around each nipple,

Before I suck them into peaks high and tight.

Fondling your breasts in my hands,

I kiss them, stare up into your eyes,

And mark you as mine with small bites.

Onward and upward,

My kisses continue.

Up your chest to your neck,

Suck on your ear, kiss your cheek,

Until my kisses reach your lips

As I enter you.

Kisses slow and demanding

As we move as one.

Tongues touch and move away,

A sense of urgency takes over, the dam

Burst, we relax, smile,

Touch, complete and done.


Shopping Around

4 Jan
Into the adult
Novelty store she
Enters, bored with
Her marital sex she
Looks for distraction,
Satisfaction and decides
To shop around

She looks at sexy
Outfits, variety of
Toy male members, 
And games, when from
The corner of her eye
She sees him checking 
Her out as he shops around

Feeling naughty, she
Walks behind him, her
Hand brushes acrossed 
His ass, he jumps slightly
And she smiles wickedly 
As he looks at her with 
Open mouth as she shops around

She walks to the 
Video section, looks
Coyly over her shoulder,
He follows her, She waits
Looking at titles, He moves
Up behind her, His hand touches
Her ass, and she's glad she shopped around

Together they leave,
A hotel room waiting,
Clothing discarded and
Hands, lips, tongues
Explore cunt, breasts, 
And cock before they fuck,
And she resolves to shop around again

Text Erotic

2 Jan
Husband and wife,
Texting mutual female
Friend, conversation 
Quickly turns from
Mundane to sexual tone

Laughing and giggling,
They read posts to each
Other, wondering how far
This erotic chat will go
Before lust overwhelms them

Between text messages
Hands begin to roam,
Down her back, along his
Inner thigh, nibbles on her
Ear and kisses on her neck, she sighs

Soon desire can no
Longer be contained
As clothing is discarded,
They share via text
Their female texting voyeur

Passion consumes,
Technology discarded,
Hands find different
Buttons to push driving
Them closer to ectasy

Naked Poetry

13 Nov
Kisses on lips,
Throats, breasts,
Pussies, and cocks.

Hands flowing over
bodies, kneeding
and arousing. 

Mouths sucking
Nipples, clits,
and dicks.

Tongues flicking 
earlobes, teasing
Nipples, licking 
Labia, testicles,
Male members from
base to tip.

Oral sex, cock in
Pussy sex, anal 
Sex, lesbian and 
Gay sex, group sex,
Orgies, mastubation.

Bodies clinging to
Each other, moving,
Caressing, arousing,

Finding a rhythm
alone, or together,
Taking part in
Naked poetry.

Tell Me

5 Sep
Tell me, when you are online,
Tell me, you found the website.
Tell me, you found the webcam that is mine,
Tell me, what you see you like.

Tell me, you love my smile,
Tell me, I'm your fantasy.
Tell me, you'll be here awhile,
Tell me, how much you want me.

Tell me, you like what I'm wearing,
Tell me, what you like best.
Tell me, at me you are staring,
Tell me, as I show you my breasts.

Tell me, when you're ready to cum,
Tell me, how you want to fill me.
Tell me, do I really turn you on,
Tell me, you reached ecstasy.

Tell me, when you have to go,
Tell me, you'll come back soon.
Tell me, I have to know,
Tell me, and kisses I send to you.
Tell me.

Good Vibes

9 Jun

Sitting, eating
Dinner, dull date
Conversation, smiling
And being polite as
Her phone vibrates
In the secret pocket
Sewn on front of her panties,
Hitting just the right
Spot,she licks her lips
As call after call
From her kinky friends
Causes her phone to
Vibrate,playing on her
Clitoris,wetness spreads
Between her nether lips
As she is driven to
Newer heights of guilty
Pleasure, her dinner date
Oblivious as she reaches
Orgasm while sipping her
White wine, eyes partially
Closed to enjoy the
Good vibes going through her


10 May

Single mother of two,
Wider in the hips than in her youth,
She is fit and voluptuous,
Pushing a grocery car down the isle
She feels his eyes follow her,
He is on the hunt,
She smiles to herself,
Because she knows
What he wants.

Pushed up against
A hotel room wall,
His lips locked on hers,
Tongue probing,
Fingers playing along
Her labia getting her wet.
She pulls off her shirt,
Unhooks her bra,
Pushes him down to her breasts.

On the edge of the bed,
Her panties pushed aside,
He licks his tongue along
Her lips, around her clit
And dips it into her slit.
She holds his head against
Her as he sucks her,
Licks her to orgasm
While she massages her breasts.

He fucks her on top,
On bottom, from behind,
Hard and fast,
Slow and gentle,
On the bed,
On a table,
Standing up,
He does his best
To accommodate her demands.

She showers alone,
Dresses her self,
And smiles as she
Leaves him exhausted
Lying on the bed
Partially covered.
She returns home to
Single motherhood, and plans
Her next cock hunting adventure.