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Stone Sour

16 Dec

My former dearest ANNA Knight,

To you I HESITATE to write.

In my BLUE STUDY by candle light,

I look THROUGH GLASS at the CARDIFF night

Along ZZYZX RD. praying to get this right.

I am IMPERFECT, my IDLE HANDS seek to tell you of my plight.

LET’S BE HONEST if only for today,

You’ll never come HOME AGAIN to stay.

Your ORCHIDS are DYING, turned to gray,


We CHOOSE to SUFFER in this game we play,

In this UNFINISHED relationship gone the wrong way.

And so to a FRUITCAKE this letter I send,

I INHALE deeply, wonder why I BOTHER to offend.

My heart THREADBARE, we move towards THE BITTER END,

Because of you, I am MADE OF SCARS, my actions I defend.

REBORN,I sneer at the happiness we did pretend

Before into the madness of our relationship we did descend.

But now is THE DAY I LET GO,

I thought you might like to know,

At least this much to you I owe,

For we reap what we sow.

Over me you no longer have any power,

You left me in my darkest hour,

And my happiness you did devour.

But through therapy I empower

Myself and over me you no longer tower.

Not sincere and never again YOUR GOD, Stone Sour


Chaotic Looking For Focus

13 Nov

Thoughts and images
Streaming through my
Mind, Going from
Tangent to tangent,
Blind leading the blind,
No one can help me
To navigate this morass,
I’m a renegade poet
And you can kiss my ass.
Spiritual,sexual, politically
Incorrect, looking at
My life in disconnect,
Caffeinated and primed,
Beyond normal hocus pocus,
I am what I am,
Chaotic looking for focus.

Walking With The Goddess

19 Aug

She smiled at me, asked me
How I was doing as we walked
Amongst the trees along the
Forest path.

I took a deep breath, told her
I had my up and down days,
Doubtful times when I pray to
Her and her Consort.

She hugs me, we continue
To walk and leave the woods
Behind, through fields of flowers
And I continue to talk.

I’m finding new friends, some
From my past and some new,
And they are accepting me as
Me, who knew.

She laughs gently under the
Starry sky, says to me, “I knew.”
Your path is long, and stumble you
Will, but I am here for you.

My heart filled with joy,
As we said our farewells in
The Summerlands where I
Walk with the Goddess.

A Beautiful Woman

1 Aug

I saw today
A beautiful woman.
Her long brown hair
Framed her face perfectly,
Her make up was done up right,
And when she talked,
She gestured with a confidence
Of someone comfortable with life
And the world.

We went outside and began
To talk of days gone by.
As we talked, she pulled
Out a cigarette to smoke;
A deep sadness filled me,
And about the cigarette
I asked her why. It relieves
The stress of my my hectic
life, helps me forget the strife.

I saw today
A beautiful woman.
Her long brown hair brushed
To frame her face perfectly,
The funeral director had done
Her make up just right,
The cancer took her from us,
And tears rolled from my eyes,
As I said to her my last goodbyes.

A Mother’s Song (version 2)

12 Jul
Dear Lord,
Have mercy on me.
My body is failing,
Can't you see?

I'm in pain,
Confused and scared.
My husband and sons,
And friends who cared,
Aren't ready to let go of me.
But the pain meds,
They don't work as well,
Why must this be?

I don't know what to do,
From the pain I want to be free.
But what of my loved ones?
How will they go on without me?

Though my health is going,
My body failing,
My heart is full,
My spirit is soaring.

My husband,
And my sons,
Though my body will be gone,
With you always I'll be,
No matter where you are.

Over you I'll be watching,
Your guardian spirit,
Residing forever in your heart,
My voice a mother's song,
Do you hear it?

The Last Sigh

5 Jul
We came together
Years ago,
Made a life with
You as my wife,
And children we
Did have. But 
Time has shown
How little we 
Have known, about
Each other, compromise,
Acceptance of differences,
And now this is
The last sigh,
Before I say goodbye.
I've ranted and
Raged, cried, and
Denied the truth.
Now I know, 
Our paths have
Diverged, love is
Lost, and we may
Never know the final
Cost, I pack myself away,
Walk towards the door
With a tear in my eye,
Give one last shaking sigh,
Before I tell you goodbye.
A friend, you will always
Be to me, at least I hope,
And our children, our family,
We will learn to cope,
With time the hurt 
Will subside, acceptance
Of how far apart 
We had become, 
We will let it go
With the last sigh.

Kneeling With My Forehead To The Ground

26 May

Kneeling with my forehead
To the ground, the tears
Flowing from my eyes,
Wondering what happened
To bring us here,
Steel grey clouds
Cover the sky

Kneeling with my forehead
To the ground, dealing
With the loss I have found,
Trying to figure out
The reasons why this
happened, cold wind
Blows as I cry

Kneeling with my forehead
To the ground, In front
Of your gravestone
You rest without a sound,
Your pain too great
To go on, and I’m left
Alone wondering why