The Longest Night

22 Dec
The longest night 
Of the year,
To the ancient pagans
It was something to fear.

But at last
There came the morn,
And they rejoiced 
That the sun was reborn.

Over time they 
Created many different rites,
To push back the darkness
And welcome back the light.

Stories were created
And songs they did sing,
Of Bialobog and Czarnabog,
The Oak King and The Holly King.

Baking treats and
A candle I do light,
To celebrate Winter Solstice
And Yule's longest night.

The Winter King

22 Dec
Far North he lives
Where the Artic wind blows
In a castle of ice
Hidden by the blowing snow

His skin 
Polished alabaster
His hair and beard
White silken strands

His teeth
Polished as pearls
His eyes 
The blue of a clear winter sky

His face
is long and angular
Tall in body
And long in finger

Alone is he
But not lonely
Friends from the sea
And the tundra has he only

With his magic
Snow he sends
Blizzards that can be tragic
Or just heavy enough 
For snowball fights between friends

For a single season each year
The world he rules with just cause
For world peace for at least a day
Some even call him Santa Claus

A Great Miracle Happened There

20 Dec

Your religious practices

Hellenistic Ruler Antiochus forbade,

The Maccabees rebelled

And from the Greeks a price was paid.

Rededication of the Jewish temple

Was their right,

But found they only enough oil to last one night.

A great miracle happened there

Celebrated to this day.

The oil lasted eight nights,

And a new shipment arrived from far away.

So make your latkes and sufganiyot, play with

Dreidels and light the menorah with the Shimash.

It is time to celebrate Hannukah,

The eight night Jewish festival of light bash.

Stone Sour

16 Dec

My former dearest ANNA Knight,

To you I HESITATE to write.

In my BLUE STUDY by candle light,

I look THROUGH GLASS at the CARDIFF night

Along ZZYZX RD. praying to get this right.

I am IMPERFECT, my IDLE HANDS seek to tell you of my plight.

LET’S BE HONEST if only for today,

You’ll never come HOME AGAIN to stay.

Your ORCHIDS are DYING, turned to gray,


We CHOOSE to SUFFER in this game we play,

In this UNFINISHED relationship gone the wrong way.

And so to a FRUITCAKE this letter I send,

I INHALE deeply, wonder why I BOTHER to offend.

My heart THREADBARE, we move towards THE BITTER END,

Because of you, I am MADE OF SCARS, my actions I defend.

REBORN,I sneer at the happiness we did pretend

Before into the madness of our relationship we did descend.

But now is THE DAY I LET GO,

I thought you might like to know,

At least this much to you I owe,

For we reap what we sow.

Over me you no longer have any power,

You left me in my darkest hour,

And my happiness you did devour.

But through therapy I empower

Myself and over me you no longer tower.

Not sincere and never again YOUR GOD, Stone Sour

Song Title Poems

15 Dec

I am in the process of writing my first song title poem. The title of the poem will be the name of the artist/group that the songs are written and performed by. The song titles will be in all capitals to distinguish them from the rest of the poem. My first song title poem will be written with the song titles from the group Stone Sour. I’m also going to be attempting to write this poem in Skeltonic verse. Skeltonic verse puts emphasis on carrying end rhyme for as long as is possible before switching to another end rhyme. This type of verse can be heard in rap and hip-hop music.

A Magnificent Gift

4 Dec

What a magnificent gift

Is the ability to write.

To share with others

Our wit, knowledge, and insight.

Inspiration flowing

Onto the page,

From the mind and heart,

Its impact we cannot gauge.

Some will be positive, and

Some will disagree.

Though the negatives be discouraging,

From your art do not flee.

Of poets, novelists,

And bloggers,I know,

Critics quick to cut us down,

But go on, we must, with the show.

A magnificent gift

Bestowed by the Divine,

We share with the world

On pages and online.

Chaotic Looking For Focus

13 Nov

Thoughts and images
Streaming through my
Mind, Going from
Tangent to tangent,
Blind leading the blind,
No one can help me
To navigate this morass,
I’m a renegade poet
And you can kiss my ass.
Spiritual,sexual, politically
Incorrect, looking at
My life in disconnect,
Caffeinated and primed,
Beyond normal hocus pocus,
I am what I am,
Chaotic looking for focus.