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The Winter King

22 Dec
Far North he lives
Where the Artic wind blows
In a castle of ice
Hidden by the blowing snow

His skin 
Polished alabaster
His hair and beard
White silken strands

His teeth
Polished as pearls
His eyes 
The blue of a clear winter sky

His face
is long and angular
Tall in body
And long in finger

Alone is he
But not lonely
Friends from the sea
And the tundra has he only

With his magic
Snow he sends
Blizzards that can be tragic
Or just heavy enough 
For snowball fights between friends

For a single season each year
The world he rules with just cause
For world peace for at least a day
Some even call him Santa Claus

A Great Miracle Happened There

20 Dec

Your religious practices

Hellenistic Ruler Antiochus forbade,

The Maccabees rebelled

And from the Greeks a price was paid.

Rededication of the Jewish temple

Was their right,

But found they only enough oil to last one night.

A great miracle happened there

Celebrated to this day.

The oil lasted eight nights,

And a new shipment arrived from far away.

So make your latkes and sufganiyot, play with

Dreidels and light the menorah with the Shimash.

It is time to celebrate Hannukah,

The eight night Jewish festival of light bash.

The Candle Garden

27 Apr

A candle cleansed,
Dressed and blessed,
I walk to the altar
To plant another candle
In the candle garden.

Lighting the wick
To send positive energy
Towards its chosen task.
Done in perfect love,
And perfect trust
Is all She ask.

Flames dance
On the candle wicks,
Left and right,
Back and forth,
Up and down.

A bright blue candle for protection,
A light blue candle for peace,
A dark blue candle for justice,
A green candle for healing,
So many colored candles
Each with its own purpose.

A candle for my wife,
A candle for each of my children,
A candle for each of our parents,
A candle for our extended family,
And a candle for those who’ve passed. 

A candle for Tunisia,
A candle for Yemen,
A candle for Egypt,
A candle for Libya,
A candle for Syria,
And a candle for the protestors seeking freedom.

A candle for Israel,
A candle for Palestine,
A candle for Iraq,
A candle for Afghanistan,
And a candle for our troops.

A candle for the Americas,
A candle for Europe,
A candle for Asia,
A candle for Africa,
A candle for Australia,
And a candle for the polar regions.

A candle for earth,
A candle for air,
A candle for fire,
A candle for water,
And a candle for all pagans. 

A labor of love
Is this candle garden,
Yet with sorrow,
Not joy do I watch it grow,
Sending out positive energies
To combat the negatives of the world.

And I think to myself,
How many more candles
Must I plant
In the candle garden?

The Volcano Dance

26 Apr

Gods and Goddesses,
Spirits of fire gather,
Vulcan and Hephaestus
Pound out the rhythmic beat
Slow and fast, fast and slow
For the volcano dance,
The Ring of Fire

Poliahu of Mauna Kea
Lays languidly,
Right arm holding up her head
As she watches
Her sister goddess, rival,
Dance to the beat
Of pounding hammers
On the anvils

Pele of Mauna Loa
Dances the seemingly slow,
Steady movement
Of a lava flow,
Her hands and arms
Thrust into the sky
Mimicking a lava fountain

Spirits of Vesuvius,
Krakatoa, and Fuji,
Stromboli, and St. Helens
Join the dance,
Erupting violently with their hand movements,
Explosively jumping and turning their bodies
In counterpoint
To the movements of Pele

Quickly spent,
They rejoin the audience,
Watching Pele
As she continues
Her volcano dance

The Graveyard Khorovod

11 Apr

Come y’all goblins and ghouls 
And corpses in the sod.       
Now is your chance,           
You will learn to dance       
The graveyard khorovod.       

Shamans and Druids too,       
Skyclad Wiccans come soon.    
They take this chance,        
Do the circle dance           
Under a full pearl moon.      

Come my friends, let’s join in,                
And Move our feet upon the sod.    
Ivan’s last chance,           
To teach us to dance         
The graveyard khorovod.

Beneath A Willow

10 Apr

Beneath a willow
Tree the Maiden Goddess waits
For the sprightly youth

Beneath a willow
She sits smiling wearing a
Crown of fresh flowers

Beneath a willow
The God in his youthful form
Does find her waiting

Beneath a willow
The courtship begins again,
Timeless love story

In The Garden

13 Mar

In the garden my brothers, sisters and I planted,
In the garden where we play,
In the garden where we laugh and pray,
In the garden there a memorial stands,
In the garden a memorial to Wiccans,
In the garden a memorial for those whom have gone to the Summerlands,
In the garden where you stood by my side,
In the garden I break down and cry,
In the garden, in front of the memorial, I say my goodbyes.