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A Mother’s Song (version 2)

12 Jul
Dear Lord,
Have mercy on me.
My body is failing,
Can't you see?

I'm in pain,
Confused and scared.
My husband and sons,
And friends who cared,
Aren't ready to let go of me.
But the pain meds,
They don't work as well,
Why must this be?

I don't know what to do,
From the pain I want to be free.
But what of my loved ones?
How will they go on without me?

Though my health is going,
My body failing,
My heart is full,
My spirit is soaring.

My husband,
And my sons,
Though my body will be gone,
With you always I'll be,
No matter where you are.

Over you I'll be watching,
Your guardian spirit,
Residing forever in your heart,
My voice a mother's song,
Do you hear it?

In Arlington

27 May

In Arlington
They stand,
Row upon row
Of stone soldiers,
Miniature American
Flags by their sides,
Grave markers of
Our nation’s sons,
And now, perhaps,
Some daughters,
Patriots and Rebels,
Whom bore muskets to
Rifles in the cause
Of freedom, giving
Their lives for
Others, that they
May live free.

Dear Mom

4 May

Dear Mom,
I’ve missed you
Since you’ve been gone.

You gave birth to me
And my two brothers,
Urged us to be free.

You taught us manners,
And to be open minded,
Tried to make us planners.

Through good times and bad,
You were there for us,
When we were happy or sad.

Of good memories I’ll hold, if I may,
And wish you in your Heaven
A very happy birthday.

I’ll Be Watching Over You

31 Jan

My time on Earth

Has come to an end,

Too soon for

My family true,

But I want you to know

I’ll be watching over you.

The tears that flow

Will be many I know,

From family and friends

Whom were close

To my heart,  And though

You don’t want to let me go,

I’ll be watching over you. 

To our Divine home

My spirit has passed,

One last thing

I will ask,

Celebrate life as you

Work through your sorrow,

And I’ll be watching over you.