Stone Sour

16 Dec

My former dearest ANNA Knight,

To you I HESITATE to write.

In my BLUE STUDY by candle light,

I look THROUGH GLASS at the CARDIFF night

Along ZZYZX RD. praying to get this right.

I am IMPERFECT, my IDLE HANDS seek to tell you of my plight.

LET’S BE HONEST if only for today,

You’ll never come HOME AGAIN to stay.

Your ORCHIDS are DYING, turned to gray,


We CHOOSE to SUFFER in this game we play,

In this UNFINISHED relationship gone the wrong way.

And so to a FRUITCAKE this letter I send,

I INHALE deeply, wonder why I BOTHER to offend.

My heart THREADBARE, we move towards THE BITTER END,

Because of you, I am MADE OF SCARS, my actions I defend.

REBORN,I sneer at the happiness we did pretend

Before into the madness of our relationship we did descend.

But now is THE DAY I LET GO,

I thought you might like to know,

At least this much to you I owe,

For we reap what we sow.

Over me you no longer have any power,

You left me in my darkest hour,

And my happiness you did devour.

But through therapy I empower

Myself and over me you no longer tower.

Not sincere and never again YOUR GOD, Stone Sour


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