The Last Sigh

5 Jul
We came together
Years ago,
Made a life with
You as my wife,
And children we
Did have. But 
Time has shown
How little we 
Have known, about
Each other, compromise,
Acceptance of differences,
And now this is
The last sigh,
Before I say goodbye.
I've ranted and
Raged, cried, and
Denied the truth.
Now I know, 
Our paths have
Diverged, love is
Lost, and we may
Never know the final
Cost, I pack myself away,
Walk towards the door
With a tear in my eye,
Give one last shaking sigh,
Before I tell you goodbye.
A friend, you will always
Be to me, at least I hope,
And our children, our family,
We will learn to cope,
With time the hurt 
Will subside, acceptance
Of how far apart 
We had become, 
We will let it go
With the last sigh.

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