Responding To Comments

5 Jun

Hello to my Blogging friends. I’ve had an unusually high number of comments posted this weekend compared to actual number of visits to my blog. So instead of replying to individual comments and having them lost in the comments where they may not be read, I thought I’d reply in a post.

First of all, this is a WordPress blog using the Bueno theme. I am quite happy with it. It was suggested that I link up with social media to improve my visibility. I publicize on Yahoo! Updates and at one time Facebook before it developed a glitch that I haven’t figured out yet.

I was asked in several comments if I had an issue with spam and how I dealt with it. Because a lot of postings are similar or exactly the same, the vast majority ends up being tagged as Spam. How do I deal with it? I slog through it like I have this weekend. Postings not in English I check with an online translator to see what is being said before I decide to erase permanently or approve with the original text and the translation. What irks me the most is the multiple postings of comments by those whom should have a mastery of English and cannot seem to form a coherent sentence. I appreciate that the vast number of this weekend’s comments have actually been posted to the individual poems instead of to the About page (another frustrating thing when they seem to be referring to one of my poems). I have probably erased at least half of what was posted because they were word for word copies posted by different people.

I’ve had one comment complaining about my latest poems being boring and asking when I’m going to get back to the great ones. Well, for every great poem that a poet writes, there are going to many that are not so great or mediocre. My goal for writing poetry is this: To make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you think, or to make you wonder. If I’ve done one of these four things with a poem you read, then I’ve done what I set out to do.

This blog is a one man show…literally. I don’t have anyone helping me. WordPress takes care of all the technical issues with the site, I just do the writing. As for those of you looking to contact me, I have an e-mail listed on my About page. Those whom have expressed an interest in do guest postings, I’m sorry, but I am only posting my own stuff on this site. You can always start your own blog for your postings and give me your link…I put it in my blogroll.

Thank you for all your supportive comments. Thanks to those whom don’t agree with what I’ve written for having the guts to say so. And for those whom have complained about spelling errors, which postings of mine are you referring to? Or are you talking about in the comments that have been approved that would be tedious for me to correct??

One last thing, if you can take the time to rate my poems, I will know which ones are truly great. Perhaps, then, I can write ones of similar context that will be just as great.

Thank you for reading.



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