Freedom Of Religion

14 May

I pledged allegiance
To my country’s flag,
A symbol of hope and
Unity like our constitution.
Our constitution we
Rely on for assurance
That we all have
Freedom of religion.
As a Christian,
I accepted that freedom.
Then as an Agnostic,
I put my hopes in that freedom.
Now as a Wiccan,
I hold a deep conviction
With that freedom.
Freedom to feel a
Connection with You,
My God and Goddess,
Without dogma.
Freedom to associate
With others whom use
The same guiding principles,
Tenets of Wicca, but do
Not profess their way as the
Only way to You. For we
Each walk a path of
Our own making, similar
Or different to others’ paths,
While climbing the same
Mountain to connect
With the Divine.


One Response to “Freedom Of Religion”

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