Blessed Mothers

8 May

From them we are born,
The best nurture
And care for us as infants.
Sing to us, oh mothers,
Smile and talk to us,
Watch us learn to crawl,
Take our first steps,
And hear our first word,
Dress us in the morning,
Send us off to school
With a kiss,
Heal us when we’re sick
Or scraped our knees,
Laugh when we say,
“Pretty please!”
Advise us on the important
Topics: dating, sex, love,
And heartbreak.
Keeping photographs
Of our life milestones:
Birth, crawling, walking,
Riding a bike,
Our first dates,
And birth of grandchildren.
A mother’s love is
Even though from this
World they may have passed.
Oh mothers,
You blessed us
With life,
With your love,
And may we return
That love a thousand fold,
Blessed mothers.


2 Responses to “Blessed Mothers”

  1. randigene May 8, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    very beautiful and true to the heart

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