7 May
Nevermore, he quoted me as saying.
Nevermore, was I, the Raven, quoted.
Nevermore, indeed, Mr. Poe.
Nevermore, for Mr. Edgar Allan Poe.

Nevermore, is a long time, an eternity.
Nevermore, of course, what else should I say?
Nevermore, shall Mr. Poe read his poetry.
Nevermore, shall he defame and call me craven.

Nevermore shall he drink, his thirst alcohol drowned.
Nevermore shall he eat, illness took his life.
Nevermore shall he write, his bones turned to dust.
Nevermore shall he be ignored, posthumous fame he earned.

Nevermore, shall he know the sadness I still feel.
Nevermore, his spirit burdened by body, lifted in wingless flight.
Nevermore, shall he look upon me for inspiration.
Nevermore, shall I witness his mad genious.

Nevermore, my friend, shall we converse about poetry.
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