The Volcano Dance

26 Apr

Gods and Goddesses,
Spirits of fire gather,
Vulcan and Hephaestus
Pound out the rhythmic beat
Slow and fast, fast and slow
For the volcano dance,
The Ring of Fire

Poliahu of Mauna Kea
Lays languidly,
Right arm holding up her head
As she watches
Her sister goddess, rival,
Dance to the beat
Of pounding hammers
On the anvils

Pele of Mauna Loa
Dances the seemingly slow,
Steady movement
Of a lava flow,
Her hands and arms
Thrust into the sky
Mimicking a lava fountain

Spirits of Vesuvius,
Krakatoa, and Fuji,
Stromboli, and St. Helens
Join the dance,
Erupting violently with their hand movements,
Explosively jumping and turning their bodies
In counterpoint
To the movements of Pele

Quickly spent,
They rejoin the audience,
Watching Pele
As she continues
Her volcano dance


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