The Nekros: Part 2

25 Apr

A beating I feel,
A heartbeat,
Rhythm of drums,
Echoing in the earth,
Calling to me

How many nights
Of waking, how many
Years of waiting, 
For this night,
I do not know

I push back my covers
Of earth and leaves,
Crawling out of my bed,
Feeling a pull towards the beating,
The beating that echos in my head

My muscles shrunk,
My skin pulled too tight,
Only straggles remain of
Hair on my head, shuffling my feet
I move towards the beat

Come to me,
Come to me,
A beautiful voice,
A feminine voice, 
Echos the drum beat

Hope for the end
Wells up inside
My heart, and soon
from this body, 
My spirit will depart

The night is passing,
I dispair,
For relief
I am asking,
Please God be fair

Come to me,
Come to me
Commanding me, 
Beckoning me,
With a voice of love

A grove I do enter,
As the moon races
Towards setting,
Robed figures chanting,
Drumming and dancing

A bonfire burns,
Towards it I yearn,
Parting they let me through,
Whispers of brother,
She calls, ring in my heart as true

Come to me,
Come to me,
There in the flame she does stand,
Beautiful and smiling,
Being honored without demand

I fear the flames,
I cower, but into them, go I must,
In my head words echo again, 
In perfect love,
And in perfect trust

She holds out her hands to me,
I take them and enter the flames,
My body burns, my spirit set free, 5
Free to rest in the Mother’s house,
Until I wish another life journey


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