The Nekros: Part 1

22 Apr

The rain falls softly
On the country road before me
As I slowly search for that
Which is mine,
And has been taken

There, there it is,
In the drainage ditch on my right,
My pale slab of remembrance,
Cracked and worn it sits desolately
In the weeds and water

I climb down slowly,my sallow,
Boney limbs creak as I descend
Into the ditch picking up the stone,
I cradle it like a young child too tired
To make its way home on its own

Moving slowly I make it back,
Back to my place of rest,
My bed of earth,
With the stone that
Marks my grave

I feel the pale grey light coming up,
As I place my stone in its place
And lie down in my soft warm bed,
Covering myself in mother nature’s
Blanket of sodden earth and wet fallen leaves

As I drift to sleep,
I come to the realization,
That though I am dead,
The final sleep, escape from
This rotting vessel is denied me

Some purpose I still have,
Some task I must complete,
I shall wait till the light fades again,
Before walking again to find the reason,
Why I cannot go to my final rest


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