Cum On Me

17 Apr

She woke with
A craving for him.
She looked at him
Sleeping, thought
Of him hard,
In her mouth.
Slowly the sheets
She pulled back,
Exposing his love
Muscle. Lightly,
She took his tool
In hand, licked him
Like a lollipop,
Watched as it engorged
With blood and hardened,
Took his manhood in her
mouth, all the way.
She felt him stir
In his sleep as she
Stroked and sucked
His sex spear, her
Tongue twirling around
The tip. He moaned and
Woke, stared down at her,
Lust in his eyes. She rose
To kiss his lips,
‘Cum on me’ she said.
He pushed her onto her back,
Kissed her lips, her neck,
Licked and sucked her nipples.
‘Cum on me, cum on me.’
He smiled wickedly, kissed her
stomach, moved between her thighs,
Looked up at her as he prepared
To plow her love garden with his
Tongue. ‘Cum on me’ she pleaded.
He spread her lips, licked them,
Swirled his tongue around her cum
Button, played with the neatly
Trimmed hairs of her mount of Venus.
Her breathing became rapid as
He skillfully wrote his abc’s
With his tongue around her clit.
‘Cum on me’ she screamed
As she climaxed, He raised himself
Up, moved into position, impaled
Her with his shaft of love.
She squirmed under him,
Met thrust for thrust,
Until she came again.
‘Cum on me’ she demanded,
He pulled out, moved on
His knees to straddle her waist,
Stroked himself above her
As she watched greedily,
Hungrily waiting for him
To get off. Faster and faster
He moved his hand,
‘Cum on me’ she whispered.
She gently fondled his balls,
Pressure, pleasure built
To the apex moment,
He spurt his molten offering
Onto her breasts and shivered.
He looked down at her,
Watched as she rubbed
His spunk over her breasts,
Shivered again as she cleaned
His spear tip with her tongue,
And sucked his shaft clean.
He collapsed beside her,
Watched her lick her breasts,
Tasting him again and again.
She smiled at him,
He smiled back, and
Wondered how little
Time would pass before
She wanted it again.


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