Dessert Erotic

5 Apr

His wrists tied to the headboard,
He waits for her to begin. She
Smiles down at him as she takes
A strawberry and licks it. She
Presents it to his mouth, he takes
A bite. She rubs the bitten tip
Over her areolas and nipples,
Bends over his mouth, he sucks
And licks the tart juices from
Her breasts, hardening her nipples.
She smiles wickedly as she
Moves her mouth down to his chest.
He watches as she takes a cherry
From his nipple and eats it,
Then devour a pineapple ring
Before licking and sucking his
Nipple causing him to moan before
She moves to the other side to
Repeat her teasing seduction. His
Nipples hardened peaks, She
Looks up at his eyes as
She moves lower along his body,
Licking up blueberry topped
Buttons of whipped cream
One by one, causing him to
Breath faster and suck in his
Stomach at the intimate touch
Of her tongue along his body.
She looks down at his love
Making tool and comments on
The size of his banana. He
Laughs causing it to bounce
Against his body before she
Takes it firmly in her grasp
Causing him to gasp.
She smiles her wicked evil
Grin and tells him she likes
Her bananas chocolate covered,
Reaches for chocolate syrup
And pours it slowly on while
She strokes him, covering her hand
and his banana in chocolate.
Holding it away from his body,
She licks from the base to the
Tip before taking him into her
Mouth, stroking him firmly with
Index finger and thumb. He strains
Against his bonds as she sucks
Harder, strokes faster, his
Breath becomes labored and
He arches his back as he gives
Up into her mouth his cream filling.
She licks and sucks him clean,
Licks and sucks each of her
Chocolate covered fingers and
Hand, her eyes glued to his,
She kisses his lips, their tongues
Dueling for the last taste of
Chocolate, she unties him and
Smiles. He smiles back as they
Switch places, he ties her hands
And begins to prepare her for
His dessert erotic.


3 Responses to “Dessert Erotic”

  1. Alisha Grinus April 5, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    that was a cool poem little graphic for my taste but still very well written.i enjoy reading your work maybe i should post some of my old death poems.scare the shit out of everybody

    • therenegadepoet April 5, 2011 at 9:45 am #

      My first erotic poem “Dream Lovers” made my spiritual sisters blush. They couldn’t finish reading it. Most of my erotic poetry is graphic. Thanks for posting a comment.

  2. Grace Amateur April 25, 2011 at 8:59 am #

    The only way to amuse some people is to slip and fall on an icy pavement

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