Fifty-Two Cents

10 Mar

On the ground
I found fifty-two cents.
I picked it up,
It must have been heaven-sent.
Thanks given to my mother from Brooklyn,
Whom tried to teach me
to be open minded and use common sense.

Fifty-two cents worth
She gave me, two cents never enough.
She discussed with me
Life, religion, and love.
From her I learned
to follow my own path,
and what it means to trust.

My best friend’s Nana from Brooklyn
Gave her fifty-two cents.
Fifty-two cents worth
She was given through witty comments
On men, sexuality, love,
Living, and the mind, all well-meant.

Sexuality without sensuality
isn’t worth two cents.
Nor sensuality without the mind,
Her Nana explained with confidence.
Mind without the spirit is worthless, and spirit
Worthless unless you choose to live, love,
Explore, and learn, this wisdom she did dispense.

Oh these ladies from Brooklyn
Whom gave us fifty-two cents.
Tried to give us wisdom,
Knowledge and self-confidence.
But we had to follow our
Own paths, bumpy as they might be,
And suffer through life’s bad events.

Fifty-two cents
I found, its meaning now clear.
Fifty-two cents
Of wisdom my best friend
received from her Nana dear.
We live and love, explore and learn,
And try to move on with our lives without fear.


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