Red Lace

3 Mar
She picks up
The red leather wrapped
Riding crop and touches it to
The big toe of her right foot.
She strokes the tip along her toes,
Over the top of red pumps and foot.
Slowly she teases
The leather tip of the riding
Crop along the outside
Of her ankle, up the outside
And front of her calf to the
Inside of her right thigh.

The pleasure slowly builds
From the teasing of
The red leather along her
Bare skin, until she drags it
Over the outside of the crotch of
Her red lace trimmed satin panties.
As her right hand pulls the
Crop over the top of her panties
To her taut naked stomach,
her left hand dives underneath
The shiny red fabric to stroke
Herself closer to satisfaction.

The journey
Of the riding crop
Continues up her
Stomach to below her
Breasts. She teases it
Along the bottoms of
Voluptuous mounds,
Circles her breasts in
A figure eight,
And drags the
Tip across her dark,
Hardened nipples.

The rhythm of her
Left hand increases as she pulls
The crop up along her throat,
To the left side of her face
As she moans,
She bites the handle
Of the crop, her left
Hand bringing her to fruition.
She bucks and rides the
Waves of pleasure, her left
Hand slowly pulling out from behind
The red fabric of her soaked panties.

She unclenches
Her teeth, releasing
The riding crop and lets
Her right arm fall with
It to her side while
Her left arm relaxes
On her stomach.
She opens her eyes
And smiles a wicked evil grin
That seems to say,
Oh the things I could
Do to you, in your dreams.

She wakes,
Sweat rolling down
Between her breasts,
Her nipples hardened peaks.
She looks at the clock
And moans at the earliness
Of the time before she punches
Her pillow, lays back down
And thinks to herself,
I don’t even own a
Riding crop!

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