To Pop Or Not To Pop

22 Feb

He sits on the edge
Of the bed,
She kneels on
The floor in front of him.
She blows up the
Balloon, ties it off
And rubs it against him.
She smiles up at him as
His member rises to the
Occasion. She takes him
In her mouth, rubbing the
Balloon against his testicles.
She strokes him with hand,
Mouth and balloon, his desire
Rising within him. Stopping,
She stands and gives him the balloon.
He rubs the balloon around
Her breasts, the areolas,
And nipples. She spreads
Her legs, he rubs the balloon
Along her trimmed pubes as
He kisses her breasts, licks
And sucks her nipples.
He lays down on the bed,
She mounts him, the balloon
Placed between them, they  begin
A rhythm of flesh crashing
Against  flesh and rubbing
Against latex. ‘To pop or not
To pop,’ she ask. ‘Not to pop,’
He replies. Their rhythm increases
As they near climax, his cock
Glistening with her pussy juices
As she slides back and forth
On top of him, his tongue flicking
And licking her hardened nipples,
The balloon pressed tightly between
Their bodies pops as they explode in
Ecstasy. She lies on top of him, the waves
Of pleasure slowly fading, she smiles
And grabs another balloon, inflates it,
Rubs it against his hair.
‘To pop or not to pop’ is
The question for these two Looners.


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