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Posting Comments and Spam

17 Feb

Recently I’ve been getting a large number of comments being sent to my spam holding area. Why? Because the comments by different people from the same site looking at different posts/poems of mine are all quite alike in there content…vague and not well written.

I want to thank these people for visiting my poetry blog, but please, if you are going to leave a comment take the time to use your own words and tell me what YOU thought of the poem or post you looked at. Although I’d like to see large numbers of visitors commenting on my poetry, it is frustrating to see comments that are cut and paste pre-writtens without any real thought to them. So any further comments I see like that that end up being filtered will not likely be approved. Sorry, but it is a part of blog/comment etiquette.


Erotic Visions

17 Feb

Erotic visions are
Dancing through my head,
Of lesbians, looners,
And my friend Red.

A pole dancer and
Lap dancer my thoughts entice,
To voyeuristic tendencies
That add a little spice.

Dream lovers are
Not always as they seem,
And those involved in
Polyamory are quite a team.

Culinary eroticism
Has a place also in this dream,
Wetting sexual appetites with strawberries,
Chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

How deliciously naughty
These thoughts in my head,
Make some readers blush
And a friend smile, eh, Red?