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Dancing With Old Ladies

12 Feb
Time of the new moon
My first circle, I prepare to cast              
With the help of my mentors
I know it won't be my last

With my mother's permission
Their celebration I am joining                  
Asking questions, excitement abounds
I want to dance, hear flute and drumming

My pentacle necklace
And pendulum I will consecrate                  
Starting a seven day candle spell 
Goddess! It's hard to wait

Casting in the kitchen
This is our sacred space indeed                 
Alystra hands me the spell tray
And a list of supplies we need

With incense lit 
And music on the stereo playing                 
Alystra helps me gather supplies
While their purpose she is explaining

From my magic box
My items I wish to consecrate                   
A pentacle necklace and pendulum
Moving with purpose in a magical state

Cleaning the dining room table
For use as our altar                            
A whole other process from supply gathering
Being diligent, we would not falter

Necessary items on the altar
Alystra did place                               
While I choose decorations representing God 
And Goddess for our sacred space

Before circle is cast
A guided meditation                             
To center and ground us
By creative visualization

Sacred space cleansed
Before elemental power circle cast             
White sage smudging
Sweeping with besom energies of the past

Blessed water for final cleansing,
Incense and candles lit                        
I ring a bell
For magic work, our space is now fit

Alystra cast the circle
Then cuts an opening                           
For Widdershins to enter
The ceremony she is joining

Consecrating my items
Alystra giving assistance                      
With that done, the fun begins
Raising power through music and dance

Alystra with flute
Widdershins and me with drums                  
Playing along with Native American
And Celtic music, dancing away ho hums

Instruments put aside as energy intensifies
And we dance around in swirls,                 
I can't help but laugh at my mentors
Dancing with the enthusiasm of school girls

Spell to Bastet we now begin,
I light the candle and add ingredients on tap  
Alystra does the incantation,
Singing it out like rap

More energy raised with dancing,
Then we sat on the floor                       
Intoning "Moon Mother, Sun Father" chant to 
Send off the spell, the words sang over and over

At the climax
The raised energy within a buzz
Coning the power into a pyramid                
Sending it out as Widdershin guides us

A welcome release
Now time for cakes and wine                    
But not for me
Milk and chocolate chunk cookies be mine

With circle opened
And benediction said
Candle spell moved to Alystra's altar            
And cleaning up of the circle we are bade

At home again I e-mail them
Laughing, rollin on the floor                  
Dancing with old ladies
My Wiccan mentors I do adore