Archive | 12:10 pm


9 Feb
He listened to her
Exclaim ‘Men are pigs’
During  their after work
Get together at the restaurant

She was quite a bit
Older than him,
Smoking and life
Taking its toll on her

She ranted about
The men she had known,
The others laughed
While he sat quietly 

No matter what
The others said in defense
Of men she kept repeating
The same phrase, ‘Men are pigs’

He sat letting the
Phrase wash over him,
Quietly being offended as
A rebuttal formed in his brain

How could he know
His reply would elicit
Applause from the university
Students in the next booth

How could he anticipate
The attractive young woman
Asking him if he
Was a card carrying member

He was oblivious to
Anything at the time
But the older woman’s
Rant, ‘Men are pigs’

His words rose up
In response to silence her,
‘No…I am S.C.U.M.  A
Sex Craving Unmarried Male’