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I’ll Be Watching Over You

31 Jan

My time on Earth

Has come to an end,

Too soon for

My family true,

But I want you to know

I’ll be watching over you.

The tears that flow

Will be many I know,

From family and friends

Whom were close

To my heart,  And though

You don’t want to let me go,

I’ll be watching over you. 

To our Divine home

My spirit has passed,

One last thing

I will ask,

Celebrate life as you

Work through your sorrow,

And I’ll be watching over you.


Tattooed Youth

29 Jan

She sits shirtless,

confident as the artist

applies the template

upon the skin of her

upper rear shoulder.

Bravely she sits,

enduring the momentary

pain of tattoo gun’s needle

applying the ink

just below the skin.

Proudly she displays

the black flower tattoo,

symbol of her life

and the pain hidden inside

the tattooed youth.

Erotic Poetry

29 Jan

Greetings readers,

I thought it might be advisable to warn you that I will be including erotic poetry I write on my blog. I am doing this in conjunction with my friend, Red Lace, whom has a sex blog. This gives her the option of picking which of my erotic poems she’d like to feature. Her blog is listed along the side. I’ll try to remember to list these types of poems as adult to give you a warning. And let me know how you like my poems by leaving a comment.

The Renegade Poet

Dream Lovers

29 Jan
Up at her he looks,
Her breasts bouncing
Gently to the up and down rhythm
Of their sexual encounter,
Her nipples peeking out from the
Curtain of her silken brunette tresses.

Her lips part,
She sighs as
She looks down at him
With half open eyes and
Smiles at the look of awe
On his face.

She leans forward,
Changing the angle
Of penetration,
Increases the speed
And rhythm, taunting him
With her full large breasts.

He groans,
Runs his hands up her stomach
To her swinging breasts
Kneading them with his hands
Teasing her nipples with his thumbs
Until they become hardened peaks.

She groans and throws herself
Backwards on her hands increasing
The friction of their lovemaking
Thrusting her breasts eagerly
Into his greedy hands as she
Rides him harder and faster.

He struggles to hold on
Leans up towards her breasts
Licks first one nipple and
Then the other before taking
It into his mouth and
Sucking the hard peak.

Faster she rides
The pressure building
Towards a climax
They scream out in unison
As they reach the limits
And pleasure overtakes them.

He wakes,
His hard member trapped
In his underwear spurting out
Its warm, sticky white fluid.
He sighs in teenage frustration and
Wonders if he’ll ever have a woman like his dream lover.

She wakes and thinks of lovers past,
Sighs and smiles as she touches her
Sagging breasts with their hard nipples,
Runs her hands down her stomach through
Age grayed hairs to the wetness between her thighs,
Hoping to be with her dream lover again.


Keeper Of Secrets

27 Jan

I am the Keeper of Secrets,
whisper your secrets to me,
and written they shall
into the book
that none but I may read.

Whisper secrets to a flame,
what a shame.
They spread secrets
around like wildfire,
that’s the name of their game.

Whisper secrets to the water,
foolish soul.
They are not safe, spread to
every corner of the world
on the crests of every wave.

Whisper secrets to the earth,
King Midas knows its deceit.
The secret of his ass ears
were betrayed by laughing
sheaves of wheat.

Whisper secrets to the air,
if you dare.
Spread to all points
with careless ease,
On the breath of every breeze.

I am the Keeper of Secrets,
whisper your secrets to me,
and written they shall 
into the book
that none but I may read.

I’ll Light A Candle

25 Jan

I’ll light a candle

For you friend,

Though our friendship

Was not as close

As it should have been.

I’ll light a candle

For you friend,

And for your family

Who’s hearts shall

Need to mend.

I’ll light a candle

For you friend,

Your soul to

The Divine we

Do commend.

I’ll light a candle

For you friend,

Until my time here

Is done and on the other

Side we meet again.

Life Is A Bumpy Road

24 Jan

Life is a bumpy road

my friend,

Never going exactly as planned.

We move along

at different speeds,

stop. Start. Stop again.

And just when we think

we’re moving together along

the same road,

Our paths diverge and

together we no longer go.